We are able to provide you with a one-time clean up service and long term answers for your cleaning concerns

We understand that every client's cleaning needs differ from a case to case basis and we are able to offer a tailor fitted service to fit their own requirements. Utilizing the right chemical with the correct machinery plus our well trained workers, we are able to obtain optimum results gain and again.

We provide all the support you need for optimum results at affordable prices. We also offer free service because we know the importance of running your business without unnecessary distractions.


Knowing the exact cleaning requirements of each client per site or building is crucial for a stable and hassle-free long term relationship. With this in mind we persue the following approach:

  • Meet on-site with a potential client
  • Determine the detail requirements from the client by:
    1. Dividing the site into Zone (Departments / Buildings / Blocks)
    2. Diving the Zones into 4 types of areas: Offices / Rooms / Passages / Washroom / Toilet Facilities / Kitchens / Outdoor Areas
    3. Determine the relevant tasks per Area per Zone
    4. Determine the frequency of cleaning tasks required
    5. Determin the working shifts
  • From the information gathered above, a detailed proposal will be finalised and discussed with the client
  • After the quote is accepted, a termed agreement is signed.

Once-off Cleaning

Carpet shampoo:

Our advanced cleaning formula is used to remove dirt, germs, stains, unpleasant smells and any unwanted materials.

Strip & wax services:

Bring back the beauty and luster of your floor

Floor scrubbing:

Protect your floor area from the build-up of dirt, dust, stains and other residues from everyday use.

External facade cleaning:

A regularly cleaned external facade not only creates an elegant image for your property but also reduces the wear and tear through time.

Home cleaning:

A happy home is a healthy home and make sure it stays that way by keeping it dirt-free and sanitized with the help of our professional service.

Solar panel cleaning:

To extend the life of your solar panels.

Term Contract Cleaning


Ensure maximum productivity by providing a clean office space for your employees.


A shiny and spotless showroom is the best first impression to draw customers.


Cleanliness is synonymous to safety when it comes to every production area


Maintain a conductive environment for learning by keeping all areas free from dirt & grime


Protect your investment's property value through professional cleaning to maintain its pristine condition