Our corporate social responsibility practice

The contracts received by triple 7 comes from mineral enriched lands that have reclaimed from government and returned to the original owners who are now impoverished and in disadvantaged in many aspects. These communities have suffered enough and we see it as our duty to assist them to profit from these ventures. As the community grows with the revenue generated from these ventures so do we grow as triple 7 mining division.

For the Barkley West Project our written commitment is as follows:

Firstly, our projections are based on the level of success of Barkley West Project. Our earnings consist of 60% of the value of sales. Of this 60% received we would need to recuperate our capital outlay. Once this is done the following will come into effect:

  • 50 households will receive food parcels. These households will be determined by the community leaders together with a representative from triple 7 mining division.

We will endeavour to the following during phase 2

  • We will begin payment to those families / households who have requested to buy-out within the first year after the completion of phase 1
  • Renovation to begin on the hostels
  • Building of a much needed structure to house the clinic for the community

We will endeavour to the following during phase 3

  • Start with the building of a school for Grade R to Grade 7 learners
  • Either extend or create a new building to house Grade 8 - Grade 12 learners

Further job creation

This is dependent on the success of the project during phase 2

Our intention is to provide meals: breakfast and dinner to hostel residents. As such the following will need to be formed to assist with this process:

  1. A catering company to provide the meals
  2. A cleaning company to ensure that the hostels are well maintained

We will assist members of the community to create sustainable businesses from these opportunities

Living up to our commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility Practice is a journey which we aim to fulfill while entrenching responsible and ethical business practices.

We don’t just say - WE DO!


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